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Research at the policy frontier in Latin America: Health, Education, Infrastructure and Housing and Climate Change
Latin American Economic Review
Edited by: Sebastian Galiani
Collection published: 10 November 2015

Note to Authors

Latin American Economic Review (LAER) publishes papers only if the data and codes that support the analysis are clearly documented, and available to any researcher for replication.
Authors of empirical studies, simulations, or experimental works should provide LAER with the necessary data, programs, and other details of the computations that allow replication. The data should be submitted as additional files. Further information about preparing additional files can be found in the Submission Guidelines.
Authors that are not able to comply with such a requirement should notify so to the Editor-in-chief and the Associate Editors at the time of submission, so that their case is evaluated.

Aims and scope

Latin American Economic Review (LAER) aims to be the leading general interest journal on topics relevant to Latin America. The journal welcomes high-quality theoretical and quantitative papers on economic, social and political-economy issues with a regional focus. Articles presenting new data bases or describing structural reforms within a rigorous theoretical framework will also be considered. A few (illustrative) examples of topics that may be of special interest to this journal include: inflation, informal sector, corruption, crime, drug policy, unions, social exclusion, price controls, energy and environmental policy, natural resources, and technology transfer.

Article-processing charges, or APCs, for this open access journal are kindly sponsored in full by CIDE. If your paper is accepted for publication in this journal following peer review, you will not be charged an APC.

Article collections

Research at the policy frontier in Latin America: Health, Education, Infrastructure and Housing, and Climate Change

Guest editor: Sebastian Galiani, University of Maryland and NBER

There is a growing literature on applied microeconometrics and in particular the evaluation of programs and policies specific to Latin America. This topical collection consists of four papers that take stock of four key areas – health, education, housing and infrastructure, and climate change in Latin America – and propose the next frontier of research to support enactment of more effective policies going forward that might advance the region’s economic and social priorities. The InterAmerican Development Bank provided financing for the articles.