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Fig. 2

From: Structural change, marginal land and economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Fig. 2

GDP per capita and population on marginal land, LAC economies. Notes GDP per capita ($2,000), 2011 or latest year, is from World Bank (2013). Less favored agricultural land consists of irrigated land on terrain greater than 8 % median slope; rainfed land with a length of growing period (LGP) of more than 120 days but either on terrain greater than 8 % median slope or with poor soil quality; semi-arid land (land with LGP 60–119 days); and arid land (land with LGP <60–119 days). Estimates are for 2010 and based on GAEZ dataset. Number of observations = 35 countries. Average (median) real GDP per capita id $6,007 ($4,845). Average (median) share of rural population on less favored agricultural land is 25.3 % (25.1 %). Pairwise correlation coefficient r = −0.41

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