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Table 3 SP coverage and international and domestic private transfers

From: Does access to free health insurance crowd-out private transfers? Evidence from Mexico’s Seguro Popular

Variable International Domestic
(1) (2) (3) (4)
OLS: amount of private transfers received
SP coverage at the state level −43.57 (57.06) 21.62 (71.12) −75.03 (114.0) −72.48 (115.4)
LPM: probability of receiving private transfers
SP coverage at the state level −0.0107 (0.0237) −0.0021 (0.0248) −0.0540* (0.0313) −0.0625* (0.0321)
HH-level controls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Year fixed effects Yes Yes Yes Yes
State fixed effects Yes No Yes No
State-level controls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Municipality fixed effects No Yes No Yes
Municipality-level controls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Observations 54,854 54,854 54,854 54,854
  1. Source: Author’s elaboration based on the ENIGH. HH-level controls include the variables presented in Table 2. State-level controls include the state population size and binary variables that indicate the political affiliation of the Governor. Municipality-level controls include government revenue, number of housing credits granted and number of workers affiliated to IMSS. Monetary figures are in real 2006 pesos. Standard errors are clustered at the state level
  2. p < 0.10, ** p < 0.05, *** p < 0.01