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Table 2 Categorization of Latin American countries, by income distribution and poverty reduction (2000–2013).

From: Poverty, vulnerability, and the middle class in Latin America

Between 2000 and 2013 Cut poverty by less than 25 % Cut poverty by between 25 and 50 % Cut poverty by more than half
In 2013
 Mostly poor DOM, GTM, HND, NIC, SLV   
 Mostly vulnerable MEX BOL, COL, PER, PRY ECU, VEN
 Mostly middle class or high income   CRI, PAN, URU ARG, BRA, CHL
  1. ARG Argentina (only urban), BOL Bolivia, BRA Brazil, CHL Chile, COL Colombia, CRI Costa Rica, DOM Dominican Republic, ECU Ecuador, GTM Guatemala, HND Honduras, MEX Mexico, NIC Nicaragua, PAN Panama, PER Peru, PRY Paraguay, SLV El Salvador, URY Uruguay (only urban), VEN Venezuela