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Table 1 Literature for the Dominican Republic

From: Interest rate pass-through in the Dominican Republic

Author Empirical approach Sample period Estimated long-run coefficient Explanatory variables
Gonzalez Pantaleon (2010) ECM Quarterly data (1996Q1–2010Q1) and monthly data (1996M1–2010M4), excluding 2003 and 2004 Loans: 0.96–1.44, Deposits: 0.91–1.23, Commercial loans: 1.04–1.25, Personal cons, loans: 0.96–1.13, Mortgage loans: 1.15–1.45 Interbank rate, external interest rate, EMBI spread, reserve requirement coefficient, Lombard window rate
Rivas (2011) Asymmetric ECM Monthly data (1996M1–2011M8) Loans: 0.90–1.42 Deposits: 1.00 Interbank rate
Medina, Carrion, and Frantischek (2011) Panel S-GMM Annual data (2004–10) for 40 countries Loans (DR): 0.65 Monetary policy rate, financial dollarization, exchange rate flexibility, size of the banking sector, banking concentration, and interactions
Andujar (2012) ECM Monthly data (1996M1–2007M12) Loans: 0.94, Deposits: 0.73–0.77 Interbank rate
Aristy Escuder (2014) ADL model Monthly data (2008M1–2014M8) Loans: 2.66, Deposits: 1.65 Monetary policy rate (overnight)
BCRD (2015) N/A N/A Loans: 1.06–1.63, Deposits: 0.85–0.92  
  1. The estimated long-run coefficient refers to different maturities depending on the paper