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Table 2 The beliefs of Peronists and democrats: Luck vs. Effort

From: Some elements of Peronist beliefs and tastes

  Peronists Non-Peronists Democrats Republicans
Luck vs. Effort
 Laziness 39 20 49 75
 Unfair society 61 80 51 25
 Ratio 0.64 0.25 0.96 3
Beliefs about who runs economy
 Run by a few big interests 71 95 76 68
 Run for all 29 5 24 32
 Ratio 2.4 19 3.2 2.1
  1. (1) Peronist (Non-Peronist) is the sub-sample of Argentines that declare an intention to vote for the Peronist Party (Any party that is not the Peronist Party). Democrats (Republicans) are the sub-sample of Americans declaring an intention to vote for the Democrat (Republican) Party. (2) “Laziness” is the fraction of these groups answering “They are poor because of laziness and lack of willpower” to the question “Why in your opinion are there people in this country who live in need?”, whereas “Unfair Society” is the group answering “They are poor because society treats them unfairly”. (3) “Run by a few big interests” is the group giving that answer to the question “Generally speaking, would you say that this country is run by a few big interests looking out for themselves, or that it is run for the benefit of all the people?”