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Fig. 3 | Latin American Economic Review

Fig. 3

From: Pass-through and competition: the impact of soft drink taxes as seen through Mexican supermarkets

Fig. 3

Pass-through and competitive barriers by product type (2 km only). We pool together all establishments facing a specific level of competition (multiples of 0.5), in the scale of the variable competition for 2 km. Model 1 is then estimated for those establishments in every rung. All regressions include interaction (Establishment-Specific X Product Type X Brand X Product Content) and monthly fixed effects. They also include control lagged prices of commonly consumed products (water, corn tortillas, and chicken breasts homologated to per-unit prices) identified within each establishment in the estimation sample. A dummy variable signaling year 2012 is included in each regression. Every circle in the plot represents an estimation of the shifting parameter. The polynomial fitting is drawn using the Gaussian kernel function and the number of establishment observations in each rung of the scale as weighting factor

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