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Table 1 Basic statistics—expanded data with 2014 ESIDET factors

From: The impact of competition with China in the US market on innovation in Mexican manufacturing firms

  Variables Avg. Std. dev.
Firm level Firm with 100% foreign capital 7.98 0.271
Firm with mixed capital 2.88 0.167
Firm with only national capital 89.14 0.331
Exporting firm 16.26 0.369
Public firm 0.32 0.056
Firm as part of a corporation 17.00 0.375
Outsourcing firm (maquila) 2.89 0.209
Average size (in number of employees) 183.73 1166.55
Industry level Concentration measure (avg % of income of four largest firms)a 56.56 0.248
  Percentage of US imports by industry from China 29.10 0.195
  1. aThe concentration measure is calculated by industry