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Table 8 Information used in Sect. 3

From: Skills versus Luck: Bolivia and its recent Bonanza

Variable (source)Unit
External debt stock (WDI)% of GNI
Financial Freedom (HER)Index
GDP per capita, PPP (WDI)PPP (constant 2011 international US$)
Inflation (WDI)Annual CPI inflation (%)
Investment freedom (HER)Index
Labor freedom (HER)Index
Net barter terms of trade (WDI)X/M unit value indexes relative to 2000
Overall freedom (HER)Index
Property rights (HER)Index
Share of gov. expenditures (WDI)% of GDP
Tax revenue (WDI)% of GDP
Taxes on international trade (WDI)% of revenue
  1. WDI, World Development Indicators (The World Bank, 2016); PWT, Penn World Table v9.0 (Feenstra et al. 2015); HER, The Heritage Foundation (2017). All the Heritage Foundations indexes range from 0 (not free) to 100 (free)