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Coming soon: new research from Latin America's "policy frontier"

The literature on applied microeconometrics, and in particular the evaluation of programs and policies specific to Latin America, is fast-growing and increasingly important iNew Content Itemn the geopolitical sphere. In 2015 we published a special collection of research focusing on Health, Education, Infrastructure and Housing, and Climate Change

We're proud to announce that a new collection  is in the works -- this time focusing on Poverty, Crime, Gender, Urban Transport, & Road Safety.
Guest Editor: Sebastian Galiani
Open Access to be facilitated by the Inter-American Development Bank


From time to time, Latin American Economic Review publishes collections of articles on topics of special interest.

Argentine Exceptionalism
Published 2 February 2018

Research at the policy frontier in Latin America: Health, Education, Infrastructure and Housing and Climate Change
Published 10 November 2015

Aims and scope

Latin American Economic Review aims to be the leading general interest journal on topics relevant to Latin America. The journal welcomes high-quality theoretical and quantitative papers on economic, social and political-economy issues with a regional focus. Articles presenting new data bases or describing structural reforms within a rigorous theoretical framework will also be considered. A few (illustrative) examples of topics that may be of special interest to this journal include: inflation, informal sector, corruption, crime, drug policy, unions, social exclusion, price controls, energy and environmental policy, natural resources, and technology transfer.

A Gold Open Access journal

All articles published in this journal are open access. This means that....

  • authors retain copyright via CC-BY
  • institutional and regional Open Access mandates are fulfilled
  • research is 100% free to be accessed and built upon by anyone with an internet connection 


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