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Table 7 Information used in Sect. 2 and Appendix 2

From: Skills versus Luck: Bolivia and its recent Bonanza

Variable (source)Unit
Access to electricity (WDI)% of population
Dropout rate (ES)Primary school dropout rate (%)
Energy use (WDI)Kg of oil equivalent per capita
GDP per capita (WDI)Constant 2010 US$
GDP per capita, PPP (WDI)PPP (constant 2011 international US$)
Gini (WDI)Index
Gross capital formation (WDI)% of GDP
Health expenditure (WDI)% of GDP
Human capital (PWT)Index
Improved water source (WDI)% of population with access
Infant mortality rate (WDI)Per 1,000 live births
Inflation (WDI)Annual CPI inflation (%)
Life expectancy (WDI)Life expectancy at birth (years)
Net barter terms of trade (WDI)X/M unit value indexes relative to 2000
Openness (WDI)Exports + Imports as % of GDP
Prevalence of anemia (WDI)% of children under 5
Share of gov. expenditures (WDI)% of GDP
TFP (PWT)Productivity compared with USA =1
  1. WDI, World Development Indicators (The World Bank, 2016); PWT, Penn World Table v9.0 (Feenstra et al. 2015); ES, Education Statistics (The World Bank, 2016)