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  1. Original Research

    Inflation targeting and term premia estimates for Latin America

    Inflation targeting has been widely adopted in Latin America. In this paper, we show evidence consistent with major beneficial effects from so doing, with falling term premia and anchored policy rate expectati...

    Andrew P. Blake, Garreth R. Rule and Ole J. Rummel

    Latin American Economic Review 2015 24:3

    Published on: 11 April 2015

  2. Original Research

    Economic behavior of indigenous peoples: the Mexican case

    Indigenous peoples have three features in common: their historical heritage, their current culture and their extreme poverty. This paper presents a hypothesis about the development of a cultural factor: indige...

    Juan Carlos Pérez Velasco Pavón

    Latin American Economic Review 2014 23:12

    Published on: 20 August 2014

  3. Article

    The effect of coca and FDI on the level of corruption in Bolivia

    This paper analyzes the causes of corruption in contemporary Bolivia. It argues that, along with the well-documented observation that richer countries tend, on average, to be less corrupt than poorer ones, cor...

    Antonio N. Bojanic

    Latin American Economic Review 2014 23:11

    Published on: 28 May 2014

  4. Original Research

    Do Mexicans care about air pollution?

    Mexico has many major problems such as corruption, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, pollution, etc. Regarding pollution, politicians have established some programs trying to improve air quality in Mexico. Bu...

    José Iván Rodríguez-Sánchez

    Latin American Economic Review 2014 23:9

    Published on: 23 May 2014

  5. Original Research

    Market discipline: a review of the Mexican deposit market

    This paper studies the mechanisms of market discipline in the Mexican deposit market. It tests the hypothesis that low-quality banks pay higher interest rates on deposits, receive fewer deposits, and shift the...

    Edgar Demetrio Tovar-García

    Latin American Economic Review 2014 23:6

    Published on: 15 April 2014

  6. Original Research

    Structural change, marginal land and economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Empirical evidence indicates that in Latin America and the Caribbean, households on less favored, or marginal, agricultural land form a “residual” pool of rural labor. Although the modern sector may be the sou...

    Edward B. Barbier and John S. Bugas

    Latin American Economic Review 2014 23:3

    Published on: 15 February 2014

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Latin American Economic Review 2014 23:7

  7. Original Research

    What determines adult cognitive skills? Influences of pre-school, school, and post-school experiences in Guatemala

    Most empirical investigations of the effects of cognitive skills assume that they are produced by schooling. Drawing on longitudinal data to estimate production functions for adult verbal and nonverbal cogniti...

    Jere R. Behrman, John Hoddinott, John A. Maluccio, Erica Soler-Hampejsek, Emily L. Behrman, Reynaldo Martorell, Manuel Ramírez-Zea and Aryeh D. Stein

    Latin American Economic Review 2014 23:4

    Published on: 13 February 2014

  8. Original Research

    Real exchange rate and manufacturing growth in Latin America

    The manufacturing sectors in Latin America have been more affected by the currency over/undervaluation than their counterpart in industrialized economies. From a panel data set covering 39 countries and 22 man...

    Paulo Henrique Vaz and Werner Baer

    Latin American Economic Review 2014 23:2

    Published on: 7 February 2014

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